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Offering horse rider specific Fitness Classes and Personal Training in Surrey, England.


About me

My name is Mel, I am a Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Women’s Fitness Specialist & a keen horse rider. I wanted to combine the things I am passionate about – horses, fitness and wellbeing… Fitter Rider was born!

My aim is to help you become fitter, stronger, more balanced and flexible in the saddle. For this you need a strong core, creating a stronger core gives you a foundation from which you can build.

If you are not straight and balanced how can you expect your horse to be?!

I firmly believe that what you do in the saddle directly translates through to your horse, the horse is a mirror of the rider’s influence.

“90% of the horses problems are caused by the rider on top”

Ruth Mcmullen  – shared by Pippa Funnell

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I started going to Fitter Rider classes about 8 months ago and I also have a personal training session with Mel once a week from home. I can honestly say it has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life as not only have I achieved my weight loss goal, but my lower back pain due to a bulging disc has virtually disappeared and my riding has improved enormously as a result of my flexibility, balance, posture and core strength. My dressage trainer says that the difference is dramatic as it has enabled me to become a more effective and confident rider. The best thing is that it has now become totally addictive so I always look forward to going to the classes which are varied and so much fun. If you are thinking of joining a Fitter Rider class or even a personal training session because you want to improve your partnership with your horse, even if it is just once or twice a week like I do, you will be amazed at the results that can be achieved and Mel is so supportive and encouraging along the way.
Mel is great working with a range of abilities in one session. Exercises are adapted with easier and harder versions. Would defo recommend.
These classes are fantastic you don’t need to be a budding fitness fanatic to be able to improve your whole being , class tailored to suit your ability highly recommend there is a vast age range and we have such fun nobody feels awkward
Great fun way to get fit. Suffer with stiffness and after just the one class I feel looser and it was the first night I didn’t wake up with bad leg cramps.
Brilliant class I really enjoyed it. I need to work on a lot but with your class and your help I WILL get there x
I had my first class tonight, great work out and such fun! will definitely be back next week!🤗

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