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Offering horse rider specific Fitness Classes and Personal Training in Surrey, England.


About me

My name is Mel, I am a Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Women’s Fitness Specialist & a keen horse rider. I wanted to combine the things I am passionate about – horses, fitness and wellbeing… Fitter Rider was born!

My aim is to help you become fitter, stronger, more balanced and flexible in the saddle. For this you need a strong core, creating a stronger core gives you a foundation from which you can build.

If you are not straight and balanced how can you expect your horse to be?!

I firmly believe that what you do in the saddle directly translates through to your horse, the horse is a mirror of the rider’s influence.

“90% of the horses problems are caused by the rider on top”

Ruth Mcmullen  – shared by Pippa Funnell

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I started going to Fitter Rider classes about 8 months ago and I also have a personal training session with Mel once a week from home. I can honestly say it has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life as not only have I achieved my weight loss goal, but my lower back pain due to a bulging disc has virtually disappeared and my riding has improved enormously as a result of my flexibility, balance, posture and core strength. My dressage trainer says that the difference is dramatic as it has enabled me to become a more effective and confident rider. The best thing is that it has now become totally addictive so I always look forward to going to the classes which are varied and so much fun. If you are thinking of joining a Fitter Rider class or even a personal training session because you want to improve your partnership with your horse, even if it is just once or twice a week like I do, you will be amazed at the results that can be achieved and Mel is so supportive and encouraging along the way.
Love representing Fitter Rider when me and ponies go out and about! I’ve felt so much improvement in my riding and my horses since starting fitter rider🦄 Honestly the best PT I could ask for, Mel is so supportive and makes it so much fun each week💕 Thank you Fitter Rider💕.
Mel is great working with a range of abilities in one session. Exercises are adapted with easier and harder versions. Would defo recommend.
These classes are fantastic you don’t need to be a budding fitness fanatic to be able to improve your whole being , class tailored to suit your ability highly recommend there is a vast age range and we have such fun nobody feels awkward
Great fun way to get fit. Suffer with stiffness and after just the one class I feel looser and it was the first night I didn’t wake up with bad leg cramps.
Brilliant class I really enjoyed it. I need to work on a lot but with your class and your help I WILL get there x
I had my first class tonight, great work out and such fun! will definitely be back next week!🤗

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