Personal Training

Is Personal Training for you?

  • Do you suffer from pain in your lower back?
  • Pain in your joints (hip, knees, ankles)?
  • Have you had previous injuries which are aggrevated from time to time?
  •  Do you need to improve your core and leg strength?
  •  Do you need to improve your cardio?
  • Do you tip forward in the saddle?

The list could go on!

What to expect

First of all, can I suggest we meet for an initial consultation which is FREE and takes 1-2 hours approximately, this would be in the comfort of your own home or ActivZone Gym (based in Guildford College). 

There are a couple of assessments – don’t worry, nothing scary here! Firstly there is a postural assessment – I will look for any weaknesses or imbalances – area’s which are weak/tight, therefore muscle groups we need to stretch or strengthen and also assess your flexibility. Then there will be a functional movement screen – which is designed to identify compensatory movement patterns which will hopefully confirm all we have found in the postural assessment.

We will discuss your goals (you may collapse on one side meaning your horse falls in on that rein), any barriers you have to exercise (work patterns, childcare etc…) and how we can overcome them. We will discuss your medical history, in case there are any previous or current injuries I need know about which may possibly affect your training programme etc.

The price for the PT sessions include:

  • All PT sessions
  • Nutritional advice and guidance once a month
  • Hormonal Questionnaire
  • Physical assessment
  • Training programmes
  • Corrective exercises to do at home (to help build up the weaker areas, stretch tight areas and to help avoid injury)
  • Exclusive access to our app and online portal.
  • All programmes available to you on the app
  • Booking PT sessions on the app
  • BodyMetrix measurements so that we can track your progress and keep you on track – Should you want this!


We offer various Personal Training packages, please get in touch to discuss your ideal plan!

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